A new way to access and interpret digital heritage

What is OndareBideak?

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OndareBideak offers a new way to access and interpret digital heritage.

A significant part of the heritage of libraries, museums and archives has been digitalized.We can consult them not only locally but also in their digital websites . Unfortunately, the huge amount of information makes it very difficult the effective retrieval of the contents. The documents remain hidden among all this material and the websites become lifeless databases. The situation is, however, very different in museums and galleries, where the heritage is organized and the visitor is guide among the content that has previously selected.

Donostia and its surroundings, have many interesting cultural works and digital elements. The project OndareBideak was precisely developed to make visible this heritage. In fact, it is a digital museum. Users will be able to see and follow the digital exhibitions created by the experts, share them on the social network or vote the ones they like. Moreover, any user can create their own exhibitions, adding personal interpretation of the heritage. Therefore, the criteria and points of view when creating an exhibition will be free and personal: a general topic (Architecture, Music), a historical period (the nineteenth century), a particular place (Ulia or Urgull), a famous character (Aita Donostia, Bilintx) or ó pathways that show our most beloved corners.